Aircraft Interior Design:

Purpose-built for industrial designers and creative professionals, digital modellers/sculptors and automotive/transportation designers, Autodesk® Alias® industrial design software products – Autodesk® Alias® Design, Autodesk® Alias® Surface and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive software – provide a complete set of sketching, modelling and 3D product visualisation tools for the conceptual design process. Data integration and exchange with Autodesk® Inventor® software enables industrial design data to be incorporated into the digital prototype.

Aircraft Interior Design Assets:

Bullet Creativity & Innovation 
Bullet Refine, Craft, Detail & Engineer (Reverse Engineer and Technical Surface)
Bullet Visualise, Communicate & Review
Bullet Customer Example Video: Design FL

Aircraft Interior Design Key Benefits:

Bullet Software solution designed around Industrial design workflow, for creative designers
Bullet Integrated 2D & 3D tools in one software package
Bullet Flexible NURBS modeling tools create any imaginable shape
Bullet Integrate with Autodesk Digital Prototyping solutions
Bullet More design iterations in less time help create a better quality product.

Aircraft Interior Design Portfolio:

Bullet Alias Sketch Bullet Autodesk Showcase
Bullet Autodesk Alias Design Bullet Autodesk Alias Surface
Bullet Autodesk 3ds Max Design    

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