Manufacturing - Digital Prototyping:

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping enables manufacturing workgroups to create a single digital model in Autodesk Inventor for use at every stage of production—bridging the gaps that typically exist among conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing teams. With Digital Prototyping, you can get more innovative products to market faster and increase your competitive advantage.

Digital Prototyping Assets:

Bullet 3D Design Engineering
Bullet Functional Design
Bullet Design Automation
Bullet Visualisation & Technical Publications
Bullet Structural Frame Design & Analysis
Bullet Electro-Mechanical Integration
Bullet Factory Design and Layout

Digital Prototyping Key Benefits:

Bullet Be production ready sooner by re-using existing knowledge & experience
Bullet Reduce costs by reducing the number of physical prototypes
Bullet Be more competitive by decreasing time to market
Bullet Work collaborativley with colleagues, customers and suppliers
Bullet Increase innovation and try more what-if scenarios

Digital Prototyping Portfolio:

Bullet AutoCAD Bullet Autodesk Algor
Bullet AutoCAD Mechanical Bullet Autodesk Moldflow
Bullet AutoCAD Electrical Bullet Autodesk Vault Professional
Bullet AutoCAD Inventor Suite Bullet Autodesk 3ds Max Design
Bullet Autodesk Inventor Publisher    
Bullet Autodesk Showcase Professional    

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